On this page you will be able to put together the pair of Tfillin that is just right for you. These will be Sfaradi Tfilin, favored by Eastern Jewish Communities from Morocco to India. These communities are strongly influenced by Kabbalah and the Zohar as understood by the “Ari” –Rabbi Yitzhak Luria. Use the drop down menu to make 4 choices.

Quality of the Parshiot: The parshiot are the Inner Scrolls of the Tfilin. There are three levels for you to choose from.

  1.  The basic quality is called “Kosher Lechatchila.”
  2. A higher level is called “Mehudar.”
  3. The next level is called “Beautiful Mehudar.”
  4. Other kinds of specialized scripts, and parshiot written with the intentions of the Kabbalah can be ordered via the contact page.

Next you will have to specify the arm that the Tfilin will be placed on. Someone who writes with the right hand places the Tfilin on the left arm. Someone who writes with the left hand places the Tfilin on the right  arm.

Next you will choose the kinds of straps. In previous times the only straps available were black on white. The straps were black on the upper side, and white on the underside. In the event that such straps became cracked and the white showed through this would invalidate the Tfilin. Now many prefer that the straps be black all te wa through.

Next you will choose the size of the exterior Tfilin housing “the Battim” You have two sizes to chose from:

  1. Regular. The standard size today for Tfilin is 3.2-3.5 centimeters, measured across the cube shaped upper part of the Bayit “the ketzitza.”
  2. Pitzponim. These are the tiny Tfilin favored by Kabbalists or frequent travelers who prefer the convenience of small Tfilin. The ketzitzah of the small Tfilin measure 2 centimeters from side to side.
  3. Other sizes can be ordered via the contact page.

The last choice you will make relates to the construction of the tefillin exterior. Here you have three options:

  1. Gasot Prudot. These battim durable, solid and easily to restore. The compartments are distict all the way down to the base. Very often people spend thousands of dollars for battim like these!
  2. Gasot Ribua Regel. These battim are like the previous ones, but even more precise. They are formed without the use or electricity in the polishing process and during the precision shaping of the corners. Threads of sinew visibly emerge from between the compartments of the head Tfilin.
  3. High Quality Spaced Battim. These battim have all the desirable elements of the previous ones. In addition they have visible spaces between the compartments of the head Tfilin. These battim with the highest quality parshiot inside will allow you and your loved ones to fulfill the Mitzvah in its most authentic and glorious way!