About Rav Daniel Halamish and Tfilin Halamish


The Halamish Tfilin Craftery was founded in 1998 by Rav Daniel Halamish, who while still in his 20s, bcame known as an exceptional scholar and scribe. Rabbi Halamish sought to create a community of scribes and sacred artisans who would craft Tefillin to the highest standards of Halacha and beauty, along with the sacred texts and objects central to the practice of Judaism: Mezuzot, Torah Scrolls and Megillot.

Rav Halamish came to know one of the expert Tfilin crafters in Jerusalem,  Rav Avraham Kreshevsky, a member of the Tfillinsky family of Mea Shearim, who revolutionized the process for creating Tfilin over 100 years ago. Prior to the techniques pioneered by the Tfillinskys, the exterior Tfilin housings (the battim) were cobbled togther using bits of leather and glue. Rav Yeshayahu Tfillinshky’s brought back the idea of using intense pressure to mold solid cuts of hide into the durable and precise Tfilin we know today.

Rav Avraham Krishevski actually invented many of the methods used today by all major Tfilin makers in Israel today. These methods broke new ground, and are responsible for the unprecedented level of beauty and precision exhibited by many tefillin today. In his factory and workshop Rav Krishevsky developed new and unique techniques for making Battim which adhere to the highest conceivable standards of Jewish Law, in consultation with the greatest Torah sages of the generation.

Rav Halamish and Rav Kreshevsky came together to found the Halamish Tfilin Craftery. Rav Avraham Krishevsky, oversees the creation of painstakingly crafted Tfilin housings (battim), while Rav Daniel Halamish, the expert scribe and scroll inspector, overseas the quality of the inner scrolls (parshiot). Rav Halamish actively trains scribes and tefillin inspectors, increasing the number of competent Stam Pofesssionals available to serve communitis around the world.

Rav Halamish is a graduate of Yeshivat Mercaz Harav and Yehivat Torat Kohanim in Jerusalem. His handwriting is uniquely beautiful and precise, and his parshiot are preferred by many of the Torah giants of Israel. Rabbi Halamish gained wide recognition for his mianture parshiot. These tiny and exquisitely crafted scrolls are placed in very small Tfilin, for those Torah sages and kabbalists who wear two sets of Tfilin (Rashi and Rabbenu Tam) simultaneously. Rav Halamish is famous among the Kabbalists of Jerusalem for his ability to write such very small scrolls with very high quality. The unique scribes who create such Tfilin must do their work as they contemplate the deep truths which Tfilin embody. But these “Micro-Tefillin” are not just for mystics, but for anyone who needs lightweight, wearable and easily packable Tefillin. They are every bit as halachically correct and beautiful as the much larger, heavier and bulkier Tefillin that we are most familiar with.

Rav Halamish has prepared Tfilin for the children and grandchildren of Great Torah sages in Israel and the United States. Among them are the Sefardic Chief Rabbi, Harav Mordechai Eliyahu, and Harav Aharon Lichtenshtein, the foremost student and the son in law of the revered Harav Joseph B. Soloveitchic.

Over the years the Halamish Tefillin Craftery became a source to which communities, laypersons and Rabbis can turn to acquire these priceless items, placing their trust in  the hearts  and  hands of the scribes and artisans of the of the sacred traditions.

In this site you will be able to see the impressive quality the Tefillin scrolls and the beautiful precision of the Tefillin exteriors along with the other carefully hand written and crafted sacred texts that can be received from the “the best of hands.”