Training and Inspiration!

This is a personal message from Rav Daniel Halamish.

“I think that it is critically  important to train more people in the the holy work of STaM. In many communities you simply can’t find a person qualified to checks a mezuzah, open a pair of Tfilin to check the parshiot inside, or to make corrections to a Sefer Torah that has developed a problem. I know that serious people who want to fulfill Mitzvot often have to wait far longer than they should to get answers and solutions.

“Teaching is one of my great passions. I and my associates can train you top write STaM,  check and inspect holy texts, open and sew shut Tfilin, and maintain  Sifrei Torah. If you would like to become a STaM Professional in your area, we will provide you all the support you need to help Am Yisrael fulfill these precious Mitzvot. And of course, this can be a source of supplemental income as well. In the US right now, scribes are taught by apprenticeship. It is a in a long drawn out process. In Israel we know how to teach everything required, directly, succinctly, and in such a way that maximizes the student’s skill and competence.

“I have found that many of the people I teach are not interested in it for money. My students often are drawn to the beauty and joy of the holy work. They want to read Megilat Ester from a scroll that they wrote. They want to write the Mezuzot for their children’s and grandchildren’s homes. Sometimes they even to “go for the gold” and write their very own Sefer Torah. Take it easy and slow, and it can be done in three years. After all, the very last Mitzvah in the Torah is for each of us to write a Sefer Torah individually. Only if you can’t write can you fulfill this mitzvah by purchasing Torah books. But in today’s world, where knowledge is everywhere, shouldn’t you be taking this mitzvah to heart? How often have you heard of someone buying a Sefer Torah to honor a departed loved one. How much more honorable would it be if that Sefer Torah was not written by a stranger, but by a member of the immediate family!

“Just imagine if as part of the Bar Mitzva Celebration, I or one of the other Rabbis in our community of scribes, were to visit your area and set up a writing station where the Bar-mitzvah would be able to witness, and even participate in the creation of his own Tfilin. Would this not bring everyone in the family and the community to dedicate themselves to Torah and Mitzvot with heartfelt devotion? So much is possible…

“Do these ideas inspire you? They inspires me deeply. It does not take that much to get me out and help me organize a course in your area. If you want it to happen, write me via the contact page and let’s gets moving! A day we wait is an opportunity lost!

May you be blessed with all Hashem’s goodness!”

Rav Daniel Halamish

To arrange a seminar, workshop or scholar in residence event with Rav Daniel write us via the form on the Contact Us page.